The Menger Hotel in Downtown San Antonio

      The Menger Hotel is touted as one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Lucky for all paranormal investigators (and foodies!), the Sisters Grimm provides a highly awarded Dinner and Ghost Tour. The history of the Menger, however, is much more than hauntings. The hotel was constructed in 1858 by William Menger, a German immigrant who built it as an expansion of his brewery (no joke) and boarding house. His gamble paid off and the Menger was the most well known hotel in southwest by the1870s. The hotel hosted Ulysses S. Grant in 1880 as well as Theodore Roosevelt - the most historical of his visits being the use of the hotel bar to recruit  Rough Riders for the Spanish-American War in 1898. Other historical guests include Oscar Wilde, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Robert E. Lee, and a slew of others. However, besides historical personalities, the Menger is also said to be host to 32 different spirits. Sallie White is one of these spirits, a maid who was killed by her husband and then laid to rest at the hotel’s expense. The Sisters Grimm Ghost Tour and Dinner provides a window back in time to explore the circumstances of the haunted hotel. The tour begins every Friday night at 7:00PM inside the Colonial Restaurant on the bottom floor of the Menger Hotel. The price for the three course meal and tour is 54.95.
        The Menger Hotel is just another of the unique establishments that make Downtown San Antonio, Texas such a vibrant place to call home. The nearby Alteza Condos are perched on The Grand Hyatt in the heart of the city practically requires residents to enjoy the nearby fun at The Menger, The Alamo, or The Riverwalk. The Alteza has some of the most desired condos for sale in Downtown San Antonio. Some of the amenities within The Alteza include a rooftop pool, an outdoor grill, club room, a 24 hour StayFit center, as well as the quality room service of the Grand Hyatt. The floorplans for The Alteza Condos start at $272,900 for 732 square feet that is arranged into 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom layout. The Alteza Condos provide a perfect downtown hideaway that lets you enjoy all the unique amenities of downtown. Don’t worry though, the ghosts of the Menger Hotel won’t be booking a room at The Grand Hyatt anytime soon. 

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