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Alamo Heights Real Estate Market Trends

 Alamo Heights is a sought after suburban city located almost 11 km north of San Antonio.

With a median sales price that ranges from $550,000-$850,000, homes for sale in Alamo Heights offers potential buyers numerous opportunities to invest in properties such as townhouses, foreclosures, condos, and homes.

The Alamo Heights Real Estate Market Trends & Factors Driving Up Value

Most people that choose to live in Alamo Heights travel to San Antonio for work. According to a U.S. neighborhood analytics website, around 98% of the workforce has a white-collar job, further implying they work in business administrations, IT and sales, and other related...

Boerne Texas Real Estate Market Update

Offering warm temperatures combined with plenty of barbecue, chili, and football, Boerne’s real estate market offers dynamic investment opportunities. Located 30 miles from downtown San Antonio, the city is in close proximity with Fiesta Texas, The Alamo, and the world famous attraction, Sea World.

With a median price of between $350,000 to $450,000, and an active inventory of over 500 vacancies - Boerne promises ample options at slightly higher prices when compared to other cities in Texas.

Boerne Texas Real Estate Market Trends

To say that Boerne is one of the hottest destinations to purchase a property in Texas is putting it mildly. With buyers scooping up homes left and right, and sellers experiencing plenty of advantages when it comes to high demand and less supply -- the race of finding...

The Top Golf Neighborhoods around San Antonio

According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, over 24,000 people had moved to San Antonio in 2017—an incredible 66 people per day—making it the fastest growing urban area in the country.  Much of this growth can be attributed to the booming local economy.  Well-paying positions, in-conjunction with a relatively low cost of living, has sparked tremendous interest in the area. 

Folks looking to relocate to San Antonio have a number of housing options available to them.  Older neighborhoods near the city center are consistently in high-demand with young people, while newly erected master-planned subdivisions. On the outskirts of town are widely popular with families.

Another residential option that’s...

Community Spotlight: All About Crest Bella In NorthWest San Antonio

Cresta BellaEvery person has a dream of owning a house. Desires shape the envisioning of reality. Since it is a challenge to invest in a land, and later come to build, most of the individuals consider buying built new homes.  It is on these basis that Braunfels Custom Builders have come up with the idea of building Cresta Bella homes to be sold to potential home owners.  A development of Braunfels Custom Builders, homes for sale In Cresta Bella are in a community located on San Antonio. The custom homes are diligently developed, and the homes are in perfect locations.

Where Is Crest Bella Located? 

Cresta Bella is found on the southern part of San Antonio and one of the most demanded luxuries communities in the...

Community Spotlight: All About Cibolo Canyon in North Central San Antonio

All about Cibolo CanyonsIf you're looking for real estate in San Antonio it can be a daunting task.  Inevitably as future home buyers narrow their search they will discover some of the better neighborhoods. One of those communities stands out above the pack.  Cibolo Canyons is a unique master planned community located in North Central San Antonio. It is a neighborhood with a strategic design and fabulous amenities. Homes For Sale In Cibolo Canyons offer a lifestyle filled with social excitement, numerous resort activities and amenities which are rare...